Commenting & Respectful Discussion

Ok folks.

I love to talk and I love to write. I also love to discuss, debate and listen to and learn from others points of view. My standpoint is always feminist. That is how I see the world. It is how I read situations, analysis text and put words together myself.

Here is the deal. I think carefully about my blog content. I do some reading, draw on other amazing people and write posts. I hope they are informative and interesting to others. I really hope that they spark discussion, new thinking and perhaps further investigation and exploration in readers. That is my aim.

If you are keen to comment on a blog post, I encourage you to do so. I appreciate new insights and ideas. Links to other sites and reading etc. I also enjoy some robust challenges to, or debating of my ideas.

If we are not discussing or debating, then no one is thinking or challenging the status quo!

However, I do not want to add to the mindless-sticking to the party line for the sake of it, type commenting, which already litters the blog-o-sphere. And especially our mainstream media sources. We need safe spaces to talk and positive learning environments to surround ourselves with.

Unthinking words are hurtful to others. Vitriolic language has no place on this blog. Bitter criticism that does not base itself in the context of a subject area, or the content of a post, is a waste of everyone’s time. So here are my rules:

All comments are moderated by me. It is my site, my choice. I don’t want to start reading like a Herald opinion page.

  • If you do not discuss the CONTENT of a post, your comment will be disregarded
  • If you attack me personally and directly, I will not publish your comment
  • If you attack or hurl vitriolic language at the subject of a post, I will not publish you either.
  • Hate speech has no place on this blog. Racsim, homophobia, ageism, ableism, and sexism (among other forms of discrimination) will not be tolerated

I feel like I’ve just been a very grumpy teacher or wrung out parent (I am actually both sometimes), who has just had the whole class, or whole family up for the behaviour of one person. Apologies for that. I mean these guidelines to be understood in the most positive and fair manner possible. I could have written them all as ‘positive-opposites’, however, I need to be clear on this.

In addition: Depending on the number of comments a post attracts, I will generally close comments after about a week of publishing. There are just too many to moderate sometimes! Pieces that have only a few comments and will stay open longer.

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